About Us


Bartenders FC began in Dublin as a simple kick-about in August 2018, with the one goal – to give hospitality an alternative to drinking on their day off, or if they still wanted to go out, it would make them feel like they’ve earned their drinks. Football is a great way to get fit without the repetitiveness that can come with other forms of exercise. A way of switching off for an hour – the only worry in your life being the ball in front of you. 

This was the mantra for Bartenders FC: having a club that was industry led but not booze-focused, something all-inclusive to any gender, age or fitness level as well as making people feel like they were part of a team, while promoting positive physical and mental health through the beautiful game.  

We’ve grown from strength to strength; designing kits that all bartenders can be proud to wear, affiliated the club with the World Mental Health Federation by proudly wearing a green ribbon on our sleeves. Our Dublin branch has competed in two 7-a-side leagues and we have also established a club committee to help BFC grow and expand but our biggest achievement to date has been travelling to London on World Mental Health Day, setting up the London branch of BFC as a result. 

We aren’t finished yet. We want a Bartenders FC in a city near you. Dust off your boots and get involved!

Will Lynch


Bartenders FC